VMware Enterprise PKS – 1.5 Released!

Obviously all efforts are focused towards VMworld next week, and interest re the annoucements that will be made there – but I don’t want the PKS 1.5 release on 8/20 to go under the radar. I also want to say THANK YOU to the product teams that work so hard on Essential PKS and Enterprise PKS. Those folks are working hard for our customers, our partners, and are a brillant group – regardless of whether their email has a vmware.com or pivotal.io domain.

The big part of PKS 1.5 is the official beta of Windows support – which is not only important for some specific customers – but an important step as we work on adding developer value on TOP of K8s – there are a lot of Pivotal Application Service customers who have a lot of .NET and Steeltoe.

There are a ton of other simplifications, and major improvements to manageability.

  • Support for K8s 1.14.5
  • Management Console UI for deploying & managing Enterprise PKS on vSphere – we call this “Gear 2”, which is shorthand for making Kubernetes more accessible to people who don’t have familiarity with much beyond vSphere itself (minimizes any knowledge of OpsManager, BOSH, Concourse or anything along those lines).
  • ​Support for Windows-based K8s clusters on vSphere (Flannel Only, not NSX-T) [Beta]​
  • Ability to upgrade K8s clusters independently ​
  • Ability to set lifetime for refresh & access tokens for clusters​
  • Configure default node drain behavior​
  • Metric sinks for namespace​
  • Configure Telegraf agent to send master/etcd node metrics to a 3rd party monitoring service​
  • Support for sharing NSX T1 router between K8s node VMs, namespaces and LB per cluster​ + ​Increased scale​
  • ​Support for 3rd party load- balancer for K8s service of type LoadBalancer and 3rd party ingress controller​
  • ​Configure section markers for explicit DFW rule placement​
  • ​Configure DNS lookup of the IP addresses for K8s API load balancer and ingress controller​
  • ​Integration with NSX-SM [Private Beta]​
  • Allowing PKS operators to configure prefixes for OIDC users and groups to avoid name conflicts with existing K8s system users​
  • Allowing PKS operators to configure an external SAML identity provider for user authentication and authorization​
  • vRealize Log Insight integration enhancements

Read more about the release here , and you can read the documentation here.

You can download the VMware PKS bits here (whether it’s from Pivotal and VMware):

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