My 2 cents on today’s VMware and Heptio news

Today’s news can be summarized this way from where I sit: 

  • VMware is investing in the Kubernetes community right alongside Pivotal, and together we are doubling down on our shared VMware and Pivotal PKS strategy – in every way, every cloud, every consumption model that customers want Kubernetes.
  • Today’s news of the addition of the Heptio team to our efforts is a good thing for the Kubernetes community and for customers.   People, skills, contributions that ultimately advance both the ecosystem and customer platform outcomes is ultimately what matters.

For the official blog PoV of my colleague and day-in-day out brother at VMware on the PKS journey (Paul Fazzone, the GM of the CNABU) – you can read that here.   My other brother at Pivotal (the always awesome Richard Seroter, Sr. Director – Product) wrote a blog on the topic here.

Beyond the awesome Heptio news, the demand and momentum of PKS was accelerated in two other ways today and yesterday:

  • Covering customer consumption models.   VMware PKS (enterprise multi-cloud Kubernetes software you deploy and control) is joined by VMware Cloud PKS (enterprise multi-cloud Kubernetes service you consume).
  • The VMware partner ecosystem.   Yesterday, VMware  announced that the VMware channel partners (which represent a huge part of the ecosystem) have new training and enablement tools built around PKS being added to the competency program they know and do today.  VMware blog here, Pivotal blog here.    PKS will be in all the scaled VMware channel mechanics (pricebook, MDF, etc) in Q1.

Back to Heptio and my personal perspective…

… from the first time that I’ve interacted with Craig McLuckie based on intersection at a couple customers – I was impressed and it was a fun dynamic tango.   It’s not just him, though – all the folks I’ve had the fortune of interacting with at Heptio reflect a very impressive group of people.

I was also struck by how they shared our point of view of constant and consistent upstream Kubernetes contribution, and alignment with the open ecosystem. 

I’ve competed with them for talent, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but even when I’ve “lost” – when people wanted my point of view of “are they a good place to go” – I’ve always said “YES” (and that’s most often a “win” for the individual – which is the most important thing in the long term).

With 2 of the 3 founders of Kubernetes and a lot of passionate people with them – the team at Heptio bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, code & contributions to the VMware and Pivotal efforts around Kubernetes.   The people are the most important thing in any acquisition – that’s essential here as well.   There’s a lot of personal and technical connections already. We’ve leveraged some of the projects that are Heptio-led. Sonobuoy has been an important tool for conformance testing from the early PKS days, and we’ve worked with Gimbal and Ark a fair bit.   

Beyond that – we meet in the market.   Sometimes historically in a competitive context, but also several times where our customers have even expressly asked us to work together (you know who you are – and clearly, we listen!).

In all those interactions – there has always been an element of philosophy that’s shared between the teams, and I’m really looking forward to working with them as part of the family!

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