Iterating fast – PKS 1.2 now supports NSX-T 2.3

In the PKS 1.2 GA post here, I talked about how fast the pace of iteration (and therefore how important it is for customers and us to be hand-in-hand for automated continuous delivery models vs. traditional infra patch/update cycles) was…. It’s been perhaps the biggest change I’ve needed to really internalize from the world I have lived in.

Not a week later, an important iteration – PKS 1.2 now supports NSX-T 2.3.

In the world of PKS (more than in PAS due to the nature of K8s ingress/egress and load-balancing) – the network is essential.   I talked in the PKS 1.2 post about our “open and opinionated” stance on the programmable software defined networking domain – with both NSX-T and Flannel both being “batteries included” in PKS.   For those too lazy to follow the links, here’s the comment again:

Our set of recommendations and support statement regarding networking and storage providers:

  • The commercial PKS offering from Pivotal and VMW includes NSX-T as a tightly integrated and comprehensive container networking and security capability.
  • PKS has out-of-the-box support “batteries included” for NSX-T and Flannel. Flannel can be used when NSX-T support is not available on the IaaS or a customer prefers not to use the tightly integrated and comprehensive capability of NSX-T.
  • PKS embraces the open ecosystem and includes low-binding pluggable interfaces (e.g. CNI and CSI) as does all native Kubernetes platforms. VMware and Pivotal support these interfaces as part of PKS.  When using these interfaces with 3rd party solutions, customers are responsible for obtaining support of the 3rd party software.
  • Providers of 3rd party software are encouraged to join the VMware Technology Alliance Program to receive TSANet support from VMware to collaboratively resolve support issues.

I also pointed out how the PKS and NSX teams are working closer and closer together – not just on development and roadmap, but in automation, test harnesses and more (the things that make good things happen).

The fact that already PKS 1.2 supports NSX-T 2.3 is the “way it should be” – and is a manifestation of this better way we’re working.   Not perfect, but always working to get better.

What does this mean:

  • Increase in scale and performance of Load balancers by increasing the number of virtual servers, pools and pool members
  • User interface enhancements & improvement in Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Beyond improvements above, there are many other improvements and fixes that have been documented in the NSX-T 2.3 release notes

Effective immediately – this is the NSX-T release to use with PKS.


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