I’m insanely curious about your K8s infra thoughts

As I dive into this new world, and engaging with customers – there’s a part that reminds me of the early days of learning about vSphere and what customers were doing.  I’m a sponge, and I’m finding out new questions to ask every day.

I’m also coming to a rapid early consensus that this is still early, and there isn’t enough institutional knowledge out in the zeitgeist of what people are doing.   I’ve talked to several customers and they are ALL over the map on their expectations of what they will need from their container infra today, or in the future.

Over the years, I’ve surveyed for customer feedback on a broad set of topics – and it’s been insanely interesting.   You can see an example of how I’ve done this here.

This time – I’m asking: “what infra do you use to support K8s today, or how do you EXPECT to design the K8s infra in the near future”.

I personally commit that I will NOT use this for any purpose other than sharing openly and transparently after the survey has been running for a month.

I would LOVE to hear from you!

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